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Supporting Families

What We Do

While the Center is probably best known for its work with adolescent families and at-risk teens, many of our services are intended for any family who needs and wants them.

The Center also helps families assess their children’s physical and cognitive development and provides support services if needed.  We offer consultation and support to families and childcare providers around young children’s social, emotional and behavioral development.

Playgroups are offered around the county to promote social interactions – for children and parents.

Information and referral services are always available to families with young children and to families of teens.

All of these services are free for anyone and can be accessed by calling the Center at  802-388-3171.

Becky's Story: The Work of the Addison County Parent/Child Center

In the words of our participants

“Everyone at the Center is there if you need help without judgment. They are willing to jump right in at your first need once you ask for help.” - Will

“The Parent/Child Center is so much more than just a school. They set me up for the rest of my life. I was homeless and they helped me to find housing. They helped me like kids and taught me how to play with them. Everybody is helpful and understanding of my situation. They really want me to make it.” - Rhiannon


“I'm Home!!” A Manual for Providing Therapeutic Childcare


“I’m Home!!” is written out of more than thirty years of experience at the Addison County Parent/Child Center. It elaborates on the philosophy, teacher attributes, curriculum, physical environment, and administrative supports needed to implement and sustain therapeutic childcare to young children who are experiencing high levels of stress. 

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