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Becoming a P/CC Friend

The Circle of Friends is a group of people who are willing to be available, via email alerts, now and then, in small and large ways, over the long haul (and only as needed), to help keep the Center and its participants supported and strong.  The idea is simple.  At various times the Center needs our help, help that we would all lovingly provide if only we were asked.  Things like:_DSC0417

  •  a call to our legislators in Montpelier or Washington, about a pending bill or funding issue effecting young families
  •  turkeys for the participants’ holiday baskets;
  •  sheets for a recently homeless family;
  •  weeding the PCC vegetable or flower gardens;
  •  donating an item to the Annual Peepers Rendezvous;
  •  teaching a yoga class, or a theater workshop, or giving a homeroom talk on something you love;
  •  help with a barbeque, or babysitting, at the PCC’s Elm Street House;
  •  joining a sewing circle to make a Sweet Feet, our signature sock doll . . .

The possibilities are endless (but the emails will not be, we promise).  You’re not being asked to commit to anything, other than your willingness to receive our periodic email announcements of opportunities to help.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Parent/Child Center, send us an email and we’ll take it from there.