About Us

As a member of the Vermont Parent/Child Center Network, the mission of the Addison County Parent/Child Center is to provide support and education to families and assure that our community is one in which all young children get off to the right start with the opportunity to grow up healthy, happy and productive_DSC0260

Toward this end, programs and activities of the Parent/Child Center aim to meet the following goals:

  • strengthen families.
  • help young families achieve self-sufficiency.
  • prevent or alleviate major stresses on families.
  • ensure that all children get the love and positive attention that they need.
  • help teenagers make responsible decisions about family life.
  • encourage prevention activities in our community.
  • work cooperatively with other agencies in providing services.
  • help other community groups establish similar programs.

We are a not-for-profit organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors with input from the Addison County families whom we serve.

The ACPCC complies with the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

To view our Privacy Practices, please click here: ACPCC Notice of Privacy Practices